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What does Abraham Lincoln have to do with 3D Design Services and digital prototyping? Abe said, "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four hours sharpening the axe".

If the forest was your competition, then digital prototyping is your axe.

New Product Design - How to Beat Your Competition to Market

Industry experts all know that digital prototyping with 3D product design software is the most cost-effective means to verify any design idea and accelerate the product development timeline.

From conceptual design through manufacturing, 3D modeling allows you to roll every detail of your product design into a single dataset and get you across the finish line before the competition.

Digital Prototyping cultivates innovation and promotes better products while saving you time and money.

3D product design is the number one way to reduce reliance on costly physical prototypes.

Go here to save hundreds and thousands of dollars NOW!

Today, 3D design services are so affordable that even a backyard inventor can afford to develop a digital invention prototype.

All you need for invention assistance is to team with the right product design group.

Best-in-class manufacturing organizations already use 3D product design technology to streamline the product development lifecycle.

They already know the value of putting all the product design specifications into one data set so they can quickly move from idea to prototype.

Your competition knows that 3D modeling significantly reduces the cost and time required for new invention development.

So why are YOU struggling to get your product off the drawing board and into the next phase?

BAD News For The Competition

Best-in-class manufacturing organizations have invested $1000's of dollars on very expensive 3D parametric digital prototyping platforms.

To make matters worse, they have poured thousands of dollars and man-hours into education and special training to learn the complex systems.

It doesn't get any better for them either.

After the initial capital investment on software and expensive training programs the competition still struggles to implement.

Even today, these organizations struggle because deep rooted corporate culture does not permit the integration of technology due to rigid resistance from individuals and departments.

It's a rocky road for the don't need to follow. Be a leader!

Do you need to make the same capital investment to be competitive?

No you don't!

Good News for You! There is no need to purchase expensive software and spend 1000's of hours learning very complex technology to get your new product to the finish line on-budget and on-time.

As a matter of fact, the only software you need to collaborate during the design cycle IS FREE.

You can harness the power of digital prototyping and pull ahead of the competition with ZERO investment.

Accelerate your design ideas with cutting-edge technology and put yourself in the pole position without investing large sums of money!

Distinguish yourself as a Best-in-Class product developer with these four key factors:

  1. Realize your cost of development targets
  2. Assure your quality targets
  3. Conquer your manufacturing cost target
  4. Guarantee your targeted Launch Date
  5. Win your product revenue target (ROI)

Best-in-class product developers and manufacturers share all these common characteristics.

How do you put yourself in the same position as these leading companies?

It is easier than you might think.

Surveys have repeatedly shown that the best-in-class organizations maximize product performance through digital prototyping solutions and concurrent engineering.

Who ever said, "It's not whether you win or lose the game that matters - it's how you play the game that counts"...was only half right.

In the competitive world of new product design there is no place for second best. To make it in the race you need to even the playing field.

So, how do smaller organizations compete without investing massive capital and resources?

Simple Answer: All you need is a different approach to gain the competitive edge.

It's not just about how you play the game...

It's whether you win or lose.

How do you get yourself in the winner's circle? Team-up with the leader in 3D design services.

No matter the size of your organization - Industry Centric Technologies (ICT) delivers state-of-the-art 3D design services!

What are some of the ways ICT can get my idea to the next level?

Optimization of your entire design process through 3D digital modeling includes:

  • Transform your rough sketch concepts to a highly refined and fully functional digital 3D model
  • Validate your entire product design
  • Develop Patent Drawings
  • Develop manufacturing documentation
  • Integrate styling and human factors
  • Reduce dependence on physical prototypes
  • Optimize material selections
  • Minimize manufacturing costs
  • Visualization for presentation and marketing communications
  • Validate and Optimize design prior to manufacturing
  • Perform Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Complete bill of material
  • Estimate cost of materials and manufacturing

From conceptual design and engineering to data management and visualization...

ICT is your product design specialist.

Put your ideas on the fast track - Contact ICT today for 3D design services and a free quote.

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 Why People Use ICT

When it comes to complex mechanical systems, custom machinery, hardware or tooling, ICT delivers high-quality, high-value solutions. My first collaborative effort with Will Zeober was completed in 2008. I look forward to an ongoing professional relationship for years to come. If you're seeking a design and engineering expert who is committed to the objective - Will Zeober and ICT will deliver on-time, on-budget and on task.

Mike Page
Manufacturing Engineer
Goodrich Aerospace

When a project solution cannot be purchased off-the-shelf it becomes necessary to work with a creative expert who can quickly make the connection between an existing challenge and an executable solution. If a project carries a high risk for failure I can count on Will Zeober and ICT to develop a complete product design solution from inception through delivery. ICT has the expertise to successfully mitigate problems then execute and manage the project as a seamless extension of my organization that allows me to remain focused on my own clients needs. For customized integrated solutions, ICT delivers results.

Brian Cromer
Project Management Specialist

I am the Chairman and founder of GDK Technologies, Inc., a product design company. For the past three years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Will Zeober on very complex analysis and design projects. Mr. Zeober is an industry expert who strives toward the final deliverable that is always accurate, complete, and right on target. He is an innovative visionary with in-depth knowledge of industrial/product design. His insightful expertise in manufacturing makes Mr. Zeober an exceptional high value asset to our design team. In short, Mr. Zeober is a creative problem solver who has made significant contributions toward the success of our company.

Gordon van Ekstrom
GDK Technologies, Inc.

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