How Does 3D Product Design Get You
To Market On-Time And On-Budget?

Your competition doesn't want you to know about 3D product design. They also want you to believe that you simply can't afford to implement this remarkable technology.

So, do you want to sit around and play nice when they're not?

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It's your time and money - Learn how digital prototyping can launch your new product design into the fast lane and blow the doors off the competition.

Are you one of the thousands of entrepreneurs who struggle with getting your idea to prototype and beyond?

Industry experts know that there is no better way to optimize new product performance and reduce the costs of development than through the use of a 3D modeling and digital prototyping.

Digital prototyping (sometimes referred to as virtual prototyping) is the most cost-effective technology available today that enables designers to develop superior products in less time.

You don't have to be Hewlett Packard, General Motors or General Electric to implement 3D product design technology.

Can I really simplify my product design process virtual prototyping?

Most definitely!

Using digital 3D models for new product development gives you the ability to design, visualize and simulate your new product without relying on expensive working prototypes.

Imagine having complete control of every phase of product development.

Now imagine the ability to experiment with multiple iterations of a design without major investments to test different concepts.

Reduce your product development life cycle and get more innovative designs to market faster.

With a digital prototype you will reduce your reliance on costly physical prototypes while reducing the carbon footprint common to traditional product development cycles.

When design for manufacturing (DFM) is incorporated into the product development model you reduce errors long before manufacturing begins.

You can streamline your engineering design process by quickly generating manufacturing documentation (such as detail drawings) directly from your 3D digital prototype.

If an adjustment is made to an assembly or part the documentation is automatically updated to reflect these changes saving 100's of hours to re-draw and eliminating the possibility of error.

Quickly turn your digital 3D product design data into engineering drawings with no limit to the type or number of views necessary.

3D product design provides an accurate digital prototype to validate form fit and function (F3) of a design while it is being developed.

A shortlist of what your virtual prototype allows you to do:

  • Quickly create multiple Ideation visualizations
  • Determine risks and the likelihood of a products success ahead of time
  • Ensure a managed stream of product information with a single dataset
  • Completely define product performance requirements and objectives
  • Quickly test multiple versions of an idea
  • Accelerate Development
  • Avoid over/under engineering
  • Eliminate product recalls
  • Create visualization and simulations for marketing efforts
  • Quickly develop detailed engineering and manufacturing documentation
  • Perform motion simulation and testing of moving parts
  • Communicate your idea more effectively to a broader audience
  • Create more innovatively
  • Reduce the product design cycle times
  • Reduce and eliminate manufacturing errors up-front
  • Drastically reduce the cost of development
  • Simulate and validate real world performance
  • Reduce the cost and time required to create expensive prototypes
  • Reduce time to market
  • Assure a more profitable ROI

These are just a few benefits of how virtual prototyping puts you in the winner circle.


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3D product design enables conceptual designers, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing departments to explore a complete product in great detail before a final product is ever built.

Your Digital prototype allows you too quickly:

  • Design
  • Iterate
  • Optimize
  • Validate
  • Visualize

Can you see how one 3D model launches your product into the fast lane?

Are you still trying to sell your idea to investors?

If a picture is worth a thousand words...

Then a digital prototype is worth millions!

Create photorealistic renderings and animations from your digital prototype and instantly improve your communication with investors, stakeholders and clients.

Your investors need to know that your concept is a thoroughbred that delivers a targeted ROI.

With digital prototyping you deliver innovative and superior products to market faster with a guaranteed maximum return on investment.

How can I get off the starting line with best-in-class design services?

Capture your design intent and optimize your process with Industry Centric Technologies today.

Take your idea from initial sketch to a highly detailed, fully functional 3D model with the leader in digital prototyping services.

ICT has customizable services to suite your exacting needs.

One call gets you a cost effective solution that can be used in every stage of product development, manufacturing and marketing.

ICT delivers best-in-class technology to inventors, designers and manufacturers that assure the fastest path to ROI.

  • Move from concept sketch to fully functional digital prototype
  • Quickly evaluate multiple design variations
  • Visualize with realistic, accurate and compelling imagery
  • Reduce your time and cost of development
  • Reduce or eliminate your need for expensive physical prototypes
  • Interact and visualize your product in realistic environments
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Reduce your developmental expense
  • Deliver superior product faster and easier

The power to win is in your hands! Contact us now to learn more.

ICT delivers affordable, hassle-free design services to inventors, product design and manufacturing organizations.

Move forward with customized 3D design services that meet your needs.

ICT tailors its services to meet your specific needs regardless of your development stage.

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 Why People Use ICT

When it comes to complex mechanical systems, custom machinery, hardware or tooling, ICT delivers high-quality, high-value solutions. My first collaborative effort with Will Zeober was completed in 2008. I look forward to an ongoing professional relationship for years to come. If you're seeking a design and engineering expert who is committed to the objective - Will Zeober and ICT will deliver on-time, on-budget and on task.

Mike Page
Manufacturing Engineer
Goodrich Aerospace

When a project solution cannot be purchased off-the-shelf it becomes necessary to work with a creative expert who can quickly make the connection between an existing challenge and an executable solution. If a project carries a high risk for failure I can count on Will Zeober and ICT to develop a complete product design solution from inception through delivery. ICT has the expertise to successfully mitigate problems then execute and manage the project as a seamless extension of my organization that allows me to remain focused on my own clients needs. For customized integrated solutions, ICT delivers results.

Brian Cromer
Project Management Specialist

I am the Chairman and founder of GDK Technologies, Inc., a product design company. For the past three years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Will Zeober on very complex analysis and design projects. Mr. Zeober is an industry expert who strives toward the final deliverable that is always accurate, complete, and right on target. He is an innovative visionary with in-depth knowledge of industrial/product design. His insightful expertise in manufacturing makes Mr. Zeober an exceptional high value asset to our design team. In short, Mr. Zeober is a creative problem solver who has made significant contributions toward the success of our company.

Gordon van Ekstrom
GDK Technologies, Inc.

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