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Are you focused on continuous improvements?

The core of your business strategy goes far beyond increasing productivity and cost effectiveness.

Streamlining your product design and manufacturing processes is an ongoing endeavor, which requires the ability to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

The Goal of ICT

To educate and empower organizations to be equally competitive with Best-In-Class manufacturing corporations.

The Mission of ICT

To make a positive difference that encourages and promotes product design and manufacturing organizations to achieve their highest potential by providing superior solutions that offset the competition from offshore outsourcing.

Industry Centric Technologies promotes manufacturing opportunities in North America by offering a source of dedicated industry experts to our clients who will gain a professional advocacy that is committed to achieving their strategic goals.

The Bottom Line

Q: What makes ICT unlike any other on-line product design and manufacturing solution?

A: Our only objective is your success.

Why would you pay for a consultation for what should be a free service?

ICT provides free information that will effectively reduce the cost of product design and manufacturing while you maximize your ROI at the same time.

What makes ICT so special?

Unlike the majority of service providers, ICT is committed to educating the community so you can make more informed decisions while creating high value products at a reduced cost.

Our webpages are not set-up to impress the audience with artificial presentations or imaginary case studies.

Meat and Potatoes...without the fluff!

The real WOW! factor is in the free information – if you’re looking for pretty renderings from imaginative industrial designers...you’re in the wrong place.

ICT only delivers high value information that will enable private inventors and small to mid-size organizations to achieve a maximum ROI at the lowest cost possible.

What It's All About...

All of the information on this site is derived from frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) from visitors and clients.

You’re not alone!

Every organization is faced with the same growing global competition and we understand the challenges in developing new products, cost of prototyping and manufacturing.

  • This site and our services are dedicated to filling the needs of North American product developers, inventors, engineers and manufacturers.
  • Organizations that previously could not compete with the explosive offshore industry now have access to affordable Homeland Outsourcing for their manufacturing needs.
  • Organizations that were forced to downsize now have access to high value design and engineering services that drastically reduce overhead.
  • Everyone can now take advantage of homeland outsourcing that is free from the expensive ramifications that include high reject rates, increasing wage rates, out of control transportation and fuel costs brought on by multinational or foreign outsourcing.

Is your Intellectual Property (IP) safe offshore?

When you take your Intellectual Property offshore you're at risk of inadvertent, accidental and willful disclosure of confidential information and trade secrets.

Give due diligence to your product design, engineering and manufacturing initiative.

ICT does NOT engage in multi-national or foreign offshore outsourcing.

Our designers, engineers and manufacturers are North American based...period.

The Reshoring of product design, engineering and manufacturing initiative is a viable answer to staying competitive without putting your Intellectual Property (IP) at risk.

You can rest assured that your Intellectual Property (IP) will be respected and protected.

Miscommunications/Language and Cultural Differences

If communication wasn't a real problem when dealing with offshore organizations, then the news wouldn't be full of topics focused on trying to solve this problem!

Why do 50 to 80% of all new product designs fail?

Oddly enough, it is due to miscalculations of internal technological strengths which result in delays, expensive re-deigns, the high cost of manufacturing or poor quality.

Each of these topics requires better scheduling, collaboration with cross functional design teams, better logistics and more control over quality. All require a higher level of communication in order to resolve pending issues.

Moving your product design, engineering and manufacturing offshore will diminish your ability to communicate.

Why would you put yourself at risk?

Industry Centric Technologies delivers affordable solutions that help you succeed. Helping you become a best-in-class product design and manufacturing organization and empowering you to win at the highly competitive global game is our number one objective.

Welcome to Industry Centric Technologies...

"The Real Backbone of America's Economy"

ICT is a proud advocate of North American manufacturing.

We provide homeland outsourcing for all of your product design needs.

Now that you have learned about Industry Centric Technologies, Contact Us Today!

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 Why People Use ICT

When it comes to complex mechanical systems, custom machinery, hardware or tooling, ICT delivers high-quality, high-value solutions. My first collaborative effort with Will Zeober was completed in 2008. I look forward to an ongoing professional relationship for years to come. If you're seeking a design and engineering expert who is committed to the objective - Will Zeober and ICT will deliver on-time, on-budget and on task.

Mike Page
Manufacturing Engineer
Goodrich Aerospace

When a project solution cannot be purchased off-the-shelf it becomes necessary to work with a creative expert who can quickly make the connection between an existing challenge and an executable solution. If a project carries a high risk for failure I can count on Will Zeober and ICT to develop a complete product design solution from inception through delivery. ICT has the expertise to successfully mitigate problems then execute and manage the project as a seamless extension of my organization that allows me to remain focused on my own clients needs. For customized integrated solutions, ICT delivers results.

Brian Cromer
Project Management Specialist

I am the Chairman and founder of GDK Technologies, Inc., a product design company. For the past three years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Will Zeober on very complex analysis and design projects. Mr. Zeober is an industry expert who strives toward the final deliverable that is always accurate, complete, and right on target. He is an innovative visionary with in-depth knowledge of industrial/product design. His insightful expertise in manufacturing makes Mr. Zeober an exceptional high value asset to our design team. In short, Mr. Zeober is a creative problem solver who has made significant contributions toward the success of our company.

Gordon van Ekstrom
GDK Technologies, Inc.

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