Are Your CAD Drafting Services Costing You Too Much?

STOP! Are you paying a high price for CAD drafting services?

If you're not experiencing the power and flexibility in your product design ideas and processes then maybe you're just using a run-of-the-mill auto CAD drafter from one of the run-of-the-mill offshore CAD companies.

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Find answers that deliver actionable insight that will help you survive the CAD outsourcing game.

Do you know the difference between paying the price and the cost when it comes to CAD drafting services?

  • You live in one of the worst economies in decades.
  • You're faced with resource issues every day.
  • You're incredibly understaffed.
  • Your competition is brutal and unyielding.
Collaboration is essential and time is not on your side.

Avoid paying the price of outsourcing and get your project back on track.

Everyone in your organization feels the same pressures as they try to pick up the slack of an undersized workforce.

Do you know how to increase productivity and gain professional technical support without straining your overly burdened budget constraints?

Of course you do - that's why organizations outsource CAD drafting services in the first place.

But there is a better way to achieve your goals without using risky offshore or multi-national outsourcing organizations.

There is no question that there are millions of CAD jockeys and hundreds of CAD drafting services around the world...all of them waiting for an opportunity to draw some lines and circles for you.

The question is...

Are you willing to pay the price because you chose the wrong organization to represent your product design development project?

Are your CAD drafting services working for you…or against you?

If you're gambling on offshore solutions to save a few bucks, you're putting your own organization in jeopardy.

It's better to pay the cost one time to get it right the first time rather than paying the price over and over again because you chose inferior CAD drafting services.

How to reclaim your product development strategies and get back on-budget and on-time?

Regardless of your organization size or the size of your project your CAD drafting services play a major role in your overall success.

Will you gamble your success on an obscure CAD operator?

Of course not...

There is too much at risk.

Your whole purpose for using a CAD service is to save time and money without adding extra staff to the payroll.

Do you want to reduce the burden on your engineering and design staff so they can focus on important in-house operations?

Are you looking for CAD service solutions that integrate seamlessly into your existing workflow and add high value to your existing product design group?

Are you experiencing language barriers or cultural differences that are producing errors or hindering your progress?

Is your competition giving you grief or keeping you awake at night?

Do Your CAD Drafting Services Optimize Your Workflow?

Here are some tips that assure your working with the right provider of CAD drafting services...

  • Communication, communication, communication! Stating the obvious here, but you know it is essential.

  • How will you communicate with the service provider? Establish this up front and let them know your preference. There are so many methods available that there is no reason for not having daily or weekly updates on project status.

  • Deadlines need to be stated in advance. Give your service provider a firm time frame so they can quote the job properly.

  • If your deadline moves forward, you can expect an adjustment to billing.

  • Be transparent about deadlines and goals with the CAD drafting services provider.

  • Deliverables and milestones need to be established before a quote is developed.

  • Changing any of these after the work has commenced may be interpreted as foul play.

  • Your service provider (if reputable) will be committed to your strategic goals and hopeful of developing an on-going relationship with you. It will happen from time-to-time that details are overlooked or time frames need to be compressed.

  • Keep your CAD drafting and product engineering and design consulting organization well informed and you will be on your way to a long and prosperous business relationship.

This isn't a one-size-shoe fits all industry!

Your CAD drafting services should come from a reputable organization that can tailor their services to meet your exacting needs.

When you team up with the right organization you will realize major advantages of outsourcing to good CAD companies.

Ask them about red-line adjustments. Here's why...

A good 2D CAD drafter spends many hours developing highly complex drawings with multiple views that are smothered with construction geometry and hundreds of thousands of entities while managing layer control and applying drafting standards simultaneously.

At times it can be like driving in a snow storm without windshield wipers. Like it or not, it's not uncommon for a couple of mistakes to slip past in the first CAD drawing.

Make sure your CAD drafting services provider allows at least one Red-Line review and they commit to making the corrections at no extra charge.

Know the difference between Red-Line and change orders.

This is a topic that gets CAD managers in trouble from time to time particularly if there are multiple channels of communication.

Here are some tips to keep in mind...

  • All information including red-line and change orders should be managed and handed down to the CAD drafting services through one channel so all product design specifications can be properly managed.

  • Red-Lines should be the CAD services responsibility, but don’t confuse "as-built" markup drawings and change-orders. These are separate issues that require additional time that was not accounted for in the original quote.

  • Clarify how you would like to address markups and change orders in advance.

  • Define expected deliverables such as printing, plots, and binding or presentation folders and tell your CAD service how you want them delivered.

  • If you require digital files for your CAD document management system, specify how they are to be delivered.

  • If you are dealing with large data sets, an FTP site is necessary or the files can be delivered on a disk.

  • Define all of your requirements for a submittal package in advance.

Are you dealing with a bad weed?

Regretfully, there are some offshore and multi-national organizations that have given the industry a bad name.

Arm yourself with the proper information and you will have a pleasant and profitable experience while avoiding a costly mess.

Save money up front!

Tips for dealing with CAD drafting services:

  • Discuss and define all drawing content.
  • Title blocks may or may not be an issue for you. If you can provide a digital title block in a compatible format do it. Otherwise you will be paying for additional development fees. Specifications, tolerances and standard notes should be provided as well.
  • If for some reason you do not have this information and you are looking for manufacturing documentation make sure the drafting service is a GD&T professional (Geometric Dimension and Tolerance). This is a specialized field that should only be performed by an expert who understand design for manufacture (DFM) and manufacturing processes.
  • Specify if a bill of material (BOM) will be included in the drawing package. Exploded, fabrication and assembly views should also be handled by qualified individuals.

How will you review CAD drafting and design prior to final submittal or publishing?

It's not uncommon for CAD service providers to hold back the transmittal of the final product until payment has been received.

Just like sending your car to the mechanic...

They won't hand over the keys until you cut a check - unless of course you happen to be family. But that can be argued as well.

Typically there is an approval process that allows the client to review the drawing package and approve it.

Discuss this before accepting any contract offer.

Until you have established a healthy on-going relationship with your CAD drafting services it is recommended that you utilize a fully functional design review platform with full review, mark-up and collaboration capability.

Are your old blueprints or paper drawings ready for a new life?

Migrating your old legacy documents to digital format has major advantages, but if you can't define your ultimate end-use requirements you could end up paying the price.

How do you get the right CAD conversion without getting taken to the cleaners?

Learn more about paper to CAD conversions here!

3D parametric modeling platforms are the highbred for managing new product development and creating native 2D documentation, but if your expectations are to receive .dwg files for example, let the service provider know in advance.

2D drafting services do not typically include additional services such as Value Engineering. Make your request for additional services up-front and confirm that qualified staff members will be processing and inspecting the data for accuracy.

CAD services for Reverse engineering will require special attention. Communicate precisely what you will provide and what you expect for deliverables from any of your CAD drafting services.

Champion your project - save yourself a load of money and headaches!

If the project includes off-the-shelf product such as motors or pumps, provide more than just a cut sheet. Typically the data provided by manufacturers only include mounting or interface details.

It is a well known fact that these cut-sheets can be erroneous or misleading.

If parts and assemblies must interface within the context of your product documentation contact the actual manufacturer and request detailed information.

Better yet, ask them to provide 2D or 3D data files in a compatible format.

If you can't provide this information and it is a critical aspect of the drawing package then you will pay the service provider to hunt down the make, model, manufacturer and digital model.

The typical hang-up is getting past the distributors and ferreting out who the actual manufacture is, so be prepared to provide as much information as possible to keep your costs at bay.

If you don't provide enough information up front you will pay the price later.

Don't forget to indicate when and where to use Isometric, perspective and exploded views.

If you're only providing a hand-drawn sketch there will be many questions.

Negotiate how to bill this extra time up front and be prepared for additional billing on the final invoice.

Buyer Beware!

Watch out for the service provider who offers CAD drafting services for multiple industries.

It is very unlikely that an organization specializes in multiple and broad un-related fields.

If the organization claims it is a product design or consumer electronics specialist AND they happen to also specialize in Architectural design...go on over to the next dead-end link until you find a product design organization you're comfortable with.

Be very cautious when working with multi-national and offshore outsourcing organizations.

Your IP (Intellectual Property) can easily fall into the wrong hands resulting in a disastrous and expensive ordeal.

If your processing proprietary information and IP, then you will be way ahead of the game by using a reputable Homeland CAD Outsourcing services to handle your project.

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 Why People Use ICT

When it comes to complex mechanical systems, custom machinery, hardware or tooling, ICT delivers high-quality, high-value solutions. My first collaborative effort with Will Zeober was completed in 2008. I look forward to an ongoing professional relationship for years to come. If you're seeking a design and engineering expert who is committed to the objective - Will Zeober and ICT will deliver on-time, on-budget and on task.

Mike Page
Manufacturing Engineer
Goodrich Aerospace

When a project solution cannot be purchased off-the-shelf it becomes necessary to work with a creative expert who can quickly make the connection between an existing challenge and an executable solution. If a project carries a high risk for failure I can count on Will Zeober and ICT to develop a complete product design solution from inception through delivery. ICT has the expertise to successfully mitigate problems then execute and manage the project as a seamless extension of my organization that allows me to remain focused on my own clients needs. For customized integrated solutions, ICT delivers results.

Brian Cromer
Project Management Specialist

I am the Chairman and founder of GDK Technologies, Inc., a product design company. For the past three years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Will Zeober on very complex analysis and design projects. Mr. Zeober is an industry expert who strives toward the final deliverable that is always accurate, complete, and right on target. He is an innovative visionary with in-depth knowledge of industrial/product design. His insightful expertise in manufacturing makes Mr. Zeober an exceptional high value asset to our design team. In short, Mr. Zeober is a creative problem solver who has made significant contributions toward the success of our company.

Gordon van Ekstrom
GDK Technologies, Inc.

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