Are You Developing Product Without A Virtual Prototype?

Did you know a virtual prototype is the vital link between new product development and real profits?

A digital prototype is the single most powerful tool in use today for new inventions and idea screening.

FYI: virtual and digital prototype are the exact same thing and used interchangeably.

It is indispensable for conceptual development, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), testing motion simulation and incorporating human factors.

No other tool is more useful for market analysis or determining costs of materials and manufacturing.

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When you skip the digital prototype phase and head right into the development of a working prototype you have just thrown hundreds of $1000's of dollars out the door.

Unless you have very deep pockets, you simply can't afford to ignore the most powerful tool available to you today.

Why would you choose to commit product suicide?

Developing a virtual prototype in the early stages is the key to saving time and money, yet many inventors and new product developers are still living in the dark ages.

Your digital prototype will significantly reduce development cycle times and in many cases it is quite possible to eliminate the need of a costly physical model all together.

Are you developing a new invention or product without this powerful technology?

Surely not!

Here is the key to getting your product to market on-time and on budget....

Virtual prototyping puts you in complete control of the entire development process.

So what if I don't have the resources to implement digital prototyping?

Gasp! Choke! This is precisely what your competition is counting on!

There is no need to purchase costly parametric 3D modeling software or spend hundreds of hours studying and training to take advantage of this powerful tool.

Why on earth would you make that enormous investment?

All you need is the right source to develop your virtual prototype for you.

So do I really need a virtual prototype?

This article attempts to show the vital role a digital model plays in the explosive cutthroat arena of new product design (NPD).

By integrating this technology into your process you will effectively maximize your business potential and leverage your organization as a best-in-class competitor.

Can backyard inventor afford virtual prototyping?


If someone tells you otherwise it is because they don't want you to appear as competition!

The big-guys just don't want you to realize the power of digital prototyping.

The reality is this...

Major corporations are using state of the art technology in their new product development (NPD) process.

They have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in sophisticated software and more money on extensive and costly training.

It takes years for them to begin to realize a profit from this major investment.

In the end, the consumer pays for it in massively over inflated prices.

The good news is that anyone can afford to integrate digital prototyping in their design process without impacting the final cost.

It is reasonable to say that you can develop superior products at a lower price and pass those saving on to happy customers.

And why wouldn't you? Happy customers = more $ for you.

The good news gets better...

You can incorporate digital prototyping and concurrent engineering into your new product development routine.

You can do this without purchasing incredibly expensive software saving you $1000's.

If that's still not enough, you can do all this without spending 100's of hours in training to learn very sophisticated operating routines and functions and you don't need to learn parametric 3D modeling skills.

Now your way ahead of the game!

Guess what...

You just made your competition squirm in their seats!

Can digital prototyping rival traditional physical prototyping methods?


The point of creating a virtual model is to reveal every pre-production requirement up front.

It enables multiple iterations of a concept instantly and allows every aspect of a design to be scrutinized with finer detail long before a decision to create a working model is made.

Better yet, digital prototyping can even reduce the need for a physical prototype 30% to 40% of the time.

When concurrent engineering is integrated with a virtual prototype it is possible to eliminate the need for working prototype all together.

Imagine savings in the thousands or even millions of dollars when you don't need to pay for very expensive physical prototypes!

Now imagine additional cost savings when you reduce the product development cycle by 30% to 40%!

Virtual prototyping IS the most functional, efficient and affordable way to develop new ideas into real working products.

Harness The Power Of Digital Prototyping
And Reap Major Rewards

There are many advantages of computer generated 3D models when developed in the preliminary design phase.

Designers and engineers use the digital model to test Form, Fit and Function (sometimes referred to as F3).

The same model is used across all engineering disciplines to conduct FEA (Finite element analysis), test various materials, analyze operating parameters and conduct motion simulation for example.

Manufacturing engineers work from the same dataset to analyze manufacturing requirements such as existing machine capability and special tooling or fixtures and to determine if post processing operations are necessary.

In the down-stream, pre-manufacturing stage the same 3D models are used once again to create the CNC code that drives the automated manufacturing processing that create the actual parts.

The digital model can also be used to create photorealistic renderings for presentations and advertising campaigns long before an actual product comes off the production line.

Marketers use the virtual prototype and photorealistic renderings to visualize, showcase and pre-sell a new invention or product while communicating all of its features and benefits to investors and end users.

There is no reason to continue throwing money into the wind.

The power to move ahead of your competition is only a phone call away.

Industry Centric Technologies is leading the way in digital prototyping and 3D design services.

I'm still not convinced that I can save money using virtual prototype.

You know the primary reason to use virtual prototyping is to reduce your cost of new product development.

When developing new product, the best-in-class manufacturers around the world use cross functional teams who take advantage of concurrent engineering and digital prototyping every day.

They know that a virtual model provides a single dataset that gives them greater insight and control over every single aspect of the new product and they know it is effective in reducing the design lifecycle.

They also know it is proven effective in reducing waste.

Best-in-class product design and manufacturing companies incorporate Functional Design techniques into their concurrent engineering strategies which can reduce the need for physical prototypes up to 45% while drastically reducing the time it takes to get to market.

This allows rapid development of multiple iterations of the new product in fine detail.

The 3D model can be quickly manipulated to address functional and manufacturing requirements while simultaneously infusing realistic visual concepts and at the same time test for safety and human factors such as ergonomics.

The virtual prototype becomes a concrete, fully functional, manufacturable, marketable and sustainable product.

Best-In-Class manufacturers also know that digital prototyping assures that the product meets the needs of the consumer.

The bottom line is that...

Digital prototyping dramatically increasing your return on investment (ROI).

It allows you to bring superior products to market on time and on budget.

Do you really think that major industries would have invested hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in developing this technology if this were not true?

Certainly not!

What they don't want you to know is that you can benefit from the same technology without making the same outlandish investment they have made.

You have access to the same technologies as the aerospace and automotive industry.

Go ahead...

Harness the power of digital prototyping and get back in the game today.

So...why haven't you contacted ICT for your virtual prototype!

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 Why People Use ICT

When it comes to complex mechanical systems, custom machinery, hardware or tooling, ICT delivers high-quality, high-value solutions. My first collaborative effort with Will Zeober was completed in 2008. I look forward to an ongoing professional relationship for years to come. If you're seeking a design and engineering expert who is committed to the objective - Will Zeober and ICT will deliver on-time, on-budget and on task.

Mike Page
Manufacturing Engineer
Goodrich Aerospace

When a project solution cannot be purchased off-the-shelf it becomes necessary to work with a creative expert who can quickly make the connection between an existing challenge and an executable solution. If a project carries a high risk for failure I can count on Will Zeober and ICT to develop a complete product design solution from inception through delivery. ICT has the expertise to successfully mitigate problems then execute and manage the project as a seamless extension of my organization that allows me to remain focused on my own clients needs. For customized integrated solutions, ICT delivers results.

Brian Cromer
Project Management Specialist

I am the Chairman and founder of GDK Technologies, Inc., a product design company. For the past three years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Will Zeober on very complex analysis and design projects. Mr. Zeober is an industry expert who strives toward the final deliverable that is always accurate, complete, and right on target. He is an innovative visionary with in-depth knowledge of industrial/product design. His insightful expertise in manufacturing makes Mr. Zeober an exceptional high value asset to our design team. In short, Mr. Zeober is a creative problem solver who has made significant contributions toward the success of our company.

Gordon van Ekstrom
GDK Technologies, Inc.

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